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Harga Processor INTEL Processor Xeon X5670

Harga Processor INTEL Processor Xeon X5670
Clock Speed 2.93 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3:33 GHz
Intel ® Smart Cache (Intel ® Smart Cache) 12 MB
The ratio Bus / Core 22
Intel ® QPI Speed 6.4 GT / s
Max Memory Size (dependent memory type) 288 GB
Type of Memory DDR3-800/1066/1333
Number of Memory Channels 3
Max Memory Bandwidth 32 GB / s
Physical Address Extension 40-bit
Max CPU Configuration 2
T CASE 81.3 ° C
Package Size 42.5mm X 45mm
Supported Socket FCLGA1366

Harga : Rp 16,376,000

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